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Welcome to Geiger Associates!

We support executives and managers
in ensuring the success of individuals and groups
within their organization.

As consultants for organization and management development, we at Geiger Associates assist organizations in ensuring their capability for delighting customers, employees (or members), partners, and shareholders.

It is well known that many developmental initiatives miss the point. Some barely touch the issues most critical to the success of an organization and its leaders, while sapping resources needed for other things!

Identifying and resolving the critical issues is indeed difficult. Getting it really right requires careful assessment of a situation from various perspectives, followed by deployment of proven methodologies for developing and implementing solutions that work. That is exactly what clients can expect when they choose our customized consulting, coaching and training services.

  • We are experienced managers of businesses, processes and people.
  • We are psychologists with a successful track record in promoting individual, group and intergroup effectiveness.
  • We know the opportunities and hazards of international and intercultural collaboration (we have worked extensively in the USA and Europe).

With this combination of expertise, and with a pragmatic approach to developing leadership capability, we help individual managers and teams consider various angles in assessing where they really are, where they need to go, and what it takes to get there.

Clients seek our support particularly for promoting effective teamwork, successful project management and efficient interface management for improved cooperation across groups within their organization.

Our expertise is especially suited to supporting various forms of international cooperation, and we have been successful in helping clients meet the special integration challenges associated with mergers and acquisitions.

We also assist managers and teams in planning and conducting retreats and "off-sites" that really meet their objectives!